21 Wonderfully Passive Aggressive Neighbors

Because sometimes you just don’t want to say it to their face.

1. The person who made the best of a shitty situation.

ID: 816838

2. Whoever had trouble spelling “feces.”

ID: 816578

3. Zack L’s worst nightmare.

ID: 816806

4. This creative dog owner.

ID: 816952

5. This home owner lowering his property value.

ID: 816789

6. This hater of squeaky bed frames.

ID: 813487

7. These people who are uncomfortable with voyeurism.

ID: 816403

8. This person who really cares about their lawn.

ID: 813900

9. This neighbor with thin walls.

ID: 813706

10. This “Big Black Dude.”

ID: 816652

11. Whoever was angry enough to protect their note from the rain.

ID: 816407

12. This neighbor who can always spot a fake.

ID: 816719

13. This polite jogger.

ID: 816779

14. This lover of animals.

ID: 816795

15. This environmentalist.

ID: 816862

16. Edward Sissorhands.

ID: 816976

17. This person confused by the definition of “fun.”

ID: 816867

18. This “South Park” fan.

ID: 816944

19. This owner of a Sharpie.

ID: 816995

20. This guy who makes a really good point.

ID: 817091

21. And this pink flamingo salesman.

ID: 816903

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