Why Food Is Always The Best Stress Reliever

Grab a bag of Doritos and a pint of ice cream and watch your worries melt away.

1. So it’s been a rough week…

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2. You’re annoyed with just about everyone…

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4. There’s only one solution…

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5. Because you’re hungry, goddammit!

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6. And working out is too exhausting…

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7. Drugs are too expensive…

And, of course, bad for you. Seriously, don’t do drugs! And don’t trust people on the internet while you’re at it.

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8. And companionship can be hard to come by…

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9. So you start eating…angrily.

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10. You literally inhale food.

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11. Because…

ID: 879767

12. And once you start…

ID: 879522

13. It’s hard to stop…

ID: 879642

14. Just ask Louie…

ID: 878749

15. But STOP being paranoid!

ID: 878192

16. Food is delicious.

ID: 879548

17. So have some healthy popcorn.

ID: 882037

18. Always keep a bottle of Sriracha handy.

Don’t eat soap.

ID: 882044

19. Don’t overthink it.

ID: 879691

20. No spoon? Go ahead, eat your ice cream with the credit card.

ID: 880489

21. Balancing your diet is kinda overrated anyway.

ID: 879928

22. Have another plate of pasta…

ID: 880081

23. And maybe a slice of cake.

ID: 879879

24. How you feeling now?

ID: 879779

25. Yea, I thought so.

ID: 879887

26. Your worries are gone, and sleep is on the horizon.

ID: 879719

27. So treat yourself. You earned it.

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