20 Ways The New York Jets Don’t Give A F*** About The NFL Rulebook

Rules? What rules?

On Sunday, the New York Jets accomplished something that hasn’t been done in 62 years — they committed 20 penalties and somehow managed to win the game. The Cleveland Browns were the last team to overcome 20 penalties and earn a victory, and that was in 1951. Their lack of discipline cost them 168 yards and gifted the Buffalo Bills with EIGHT first downs.

To put that statistic in perspective, on Sunday the New York “Football” Giants gained 150 yard in total offense — the Jets racked up more yards simply in penalties. Here’s how they accomplished that dubious feat:

1. Offensive holding — 10 yards.

2. False start — 5 yards.

3. Offensive holding — 10 yards.

4. Personal foul: face mask — 15 yards.

5. Defensive offsides — 5 yards.

6. Pass interference — 9 yards.

7. Offensive holding — 10 yards.

8. Offensive holding — 10 yards.

9. False start — 5 yards.

10. Pass interference — 24 yards.

11. Offensive pass interference — 10 yards.

12. Illegal contact — 5 yards.

13. Personal foul — 5 yards.

14. Personal foul — 15 yards.

15. Illegal shift — 5 yards.

16. Defensive offsides — 5 yards.

17. Defensive offsides — 5 yards.

18. Defensive offsides — 5 yards.

19. False start — 5 yards.

20. Delay of game — 5 yards.

Well, at least this one was on purpose.

Somehow that all added up to equal this…

Ron Antonelli / Getty

The Jets obviously have a lot of things to correct if they even want to contend for a playoff spot — the foremost being limiting Geno Smith’s mistakes. But in a league where the bottom line is the only thing that matters, the New York Jets are 2-1. So rules? Who the fuck cares? The Jets clearly don’t.

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