Watch This Baseball Player Get His Pretty Face Destroyed…And Stay In The Game

Ian Kinsler is handsome AND tough.

Gruesome collisions at home plate have been a part of baseball since the sport began. Runners will do anything to avoid being called out and catchers try their damnedest to keep the runner from scoring. During a game this week between the Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics, Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler added to the long list of home plate casualties.

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Kinsler took a solid shot by A’s catcher John Jaso that caused him to get three stitches in the clubhouse between innings.

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His teammates cringed after seeing the collision, but Kinsler just shook it off.

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And re-entered the game with his blood-covered jersey, a few stitches and a band-aid.

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9. Because Ian Kinsler is a freakin’ badass.

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