33 Times Tom Brady’s Hair Looked Really Effing Stupid

He’s an unquestionable Hall of Fame quarterback with extremely questionable hairstyles.

1. His visor hair.

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty
ID: 1771466

2. The time he made this face with his little-boy hair.

Stephen Dunn / Getty
ID: 1771711

3. When he dyed his hair blond.

Rick Stewart / Getty
ID: 1771735

4. When he was unsure of his new hair flip.

Brian Bahr / Getty
ID: 1771746

5. When he stood next to Adriana Lima with his spiked hair while wearing this turtleneck.

Evan Agostini / Getty
ID: 1771774

6. This mullet.

David Maxwell / Getty
ID: 1771799

7. That mullet.

Harry How / Getty
ID: 1771845

8. When he was chubby and had spiked sideburns.

Al Messerschmidt / Getty
ID: 1771890

9. When he let an 11-year-old cut his hair.

Al Bello / Getty
ID: 1771926

10. When he was ashamed of his haircut and tried to hide.

Elsa / Getty
ID: 1771988

11. When he slicked it back like a serial killer.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty
ID: 1772180

12. When he saw his mini-mullet on the Jumbotron and got angry.

Doug Pensinger / Getty
ID: 1772217

13. When this happened.

Elsa / Getty
ID: 1772224

14. When he got really into Hugh Grant movies.

Jeff Gentner / Getty
ID: 1772550

15. When he wanted to be a vampire/investment banker for Halloween.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty
ID: 1772567

16. When he was tan and wore this Audi polo shirt.

Joe Kohen / Getty
ID: 1772597

17. The ponytail.

Reis/Fame Pictures
ID: 1771523

18. When he tried to act tough with that hair.

Fame Pictures
ID: 1771534

19. When he stole Bieber’s signature look.

Elsa / Getty
ID: 1772623

20. When he missed the casting call for Dazed and Confused.

ID: 1773167

21. When he cried.

ID: 1773280

22. When he tried to look like a manly man, but looked all weird.

Tony Ding / AP
ID: 1771535

23. When he said, “Peace out, homies”

Scott Cunningham / Getty
ID: 1772683

24. When his hair just wouldn’t fit in his helmet.

Harry How / Getty
ID: 1772738

25. When it looked a little TOO perfect for pre-game warmups.

Jim Rogash / Getty
ID: 1772749

26. When he thought wearing a fedora was a good idea.

Michael Hickey / WireImage
ID: 1773144

27. When he poured an entire bottle of gel in his hair because he didn’t know what else to do.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty
ID: 1772774

28. When this nightmare happened.

Elsa / Getty
ID: 1772809

29. When he never woke up from said nightmare.

Elsa / Getty
ID: 1772832

30. When he decided he wanted a more aerodynamic look.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty
ID: 1772880

31. When, um, this happened?

Stephen Lovekin / Getty
ID: 1772896

32. When he tried to bring the little-boy look back, again.

Paul Marotta / Getty
ID: 1772949

33. When he finally ran out of ideas.

ID: 1771650

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