This Is What Happens When You Practice Your Free Throws

This is a college basketball coach’s wife.

1. Who do you think is the best free-throw shooter in NCAA history?

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2. It’s not J.J. Redick…

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3. It’s not Steve Nash…

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4. It’s this guy.

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6. Meet Florida Gulf Coast head coach Andy Enfield.

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7. The all-time NCAA free-throw percentage leader at 92.5%

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8. This is Amanda Marcum.

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9. Who is currently referred to as Amanda Enfield.

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10. A.K.A. Andy Enfield’s wife.

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12. This Friday his No. 15 seed Eagles team is a 13-point underdog against Big East powerhouse Georgetown.

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13. But don’t count them out. Enfield has a habit of overachieving.

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The moral of the story is…

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16. Start practicing your free throws!

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