The 21 Most Perfect Moments Captured By Kiss And Dance Cams In 2013

Those lenses capture some awkward, funny, goofy, adorable, and amazing stuff.

1. When this brother and sister were put on the kiss cam…

ID: 2089461

And the brother ran away…

ID: 2089466

Far, far away.

ID: 2089468

2. When this vendor got down with his bad self.

ID: 2089399

3. When Cleveland Cavaliers created the the invisible girlfriend kiss cam.

ID: 2089943

4. When these guys got pumped for 2nd and Goal.

ID: 2089449

5. When these cubs fans cheered for their only home run of the season.

ID: 2089460

6. When this boyfriend didn’t want to get off the phone.

ID: 2089556

7. When this kid put on a show…

ID: 2089603

This little guy loved the camera.

ID: 2089639

8. When David Beckham kissed his daughter.

ID: 2089759

9. When Matthew Perry and the Kings mascot shared a moment.

ID: 2090064

10. When these two had the dance battle of the century…

ID: 2090159

And it was beautiful.

ID: 2090196

11. When this kid’s parents showed him too much love.

ID: 2090142

12. When these old rascals went to town.

ID: 2090022

13. When these guys took it off.

ID: 2090498

14. When this Cardinals fan put a ring on it.

ID: 2090661

15. When this announcer gave his partner a smooch on the cheek.

ID: 2090388

16. When these hockey announcers did the same.

ID: 2090683

17. When these guys did… this.

ID: 2090578

18. When Tommy Lasorda had no clue what was going on.

ID: 2090865

19. When this dude got sneaky.

ID: 2090789

20. This Celtics fan’s tour de force.

ID: 2090976

21. And finally, the most adorable moment from the Puppy Bowl.

ID: 2090829

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