The Super Bowl Drinking Game That Will Make Your Liver Cringe

For everyone in need of yet another excuse to drink this Sunday. Warning: May lead to EXTREME DRUNKENNESS.

1. 1 Drink: Coin toss is heads

ID: 855184

2. 2 Drinks: Coin toss is tails

ID: 855179

3. 1 Drink: Someone mentions Whitney Houston’s National Anthem.

ID: 855187

4. 1 Drink: When Jim Nantz says “Hello, friends.”

ID: 855193

5. 3 Drinks: When someone says “deer antler spray.”

ID: 855254

6. 2 Drinks: When Phil Simms mentions that he played in the Super Bowl

ID: 855195

7. Finish Drink: If anyone mentions his sweet 80s work out video.

ID: 855201

8. Shotgun Beer: A team scores a defensive touchdown.

ID: 855250

9. 1 Drink: Jim Harbaugh looks flabbergasted.

ID: 855224

10. 2 Drinks: The camera pans on sad Alex Smith acting sad.

ID: 855213

11. Chug: Go Daddy commercial comes on.

ID: 855220

12. 3 Drinks: Anytime the term “HarBowl” is spoken.

ID: 855230

13. 1 Drink: Whenever Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos are mentioned.

ID: 855236

14. Finish Drink: If you’re drinking the beer in the commercial.

ID: 855244

15. Shotgun Beer: Beginning of the 4th quarter.

ID: 855267

16. Shots: Any missed field goals.

ID: 855270

17. 2 Drinks: The camera focuses on the Harbaugh parents.

ID: 855248

18. 1 Drink: When the camera pans on Bourbon Street

ID: 855264

19. Chug Tequila & Set Room On Fire: If Beyonce lip-synchs during the halftime show.

ID: 855260

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