The Most Mind-Bending Soccer-Style Alley-Oop You’ll See Today

It’s truly spectacular.

The lack of creativity in dunk contests has become an epidemic. But every once in a while, we’re treated to something truly special — usually courtesy of someone we’ve never heard of, dunking in a random high school gym.

ID: 1123040

That’s Pat The Rock and G.Smith executing one of the most technically amazing alley-oops you’ll ever see, at a high school in Nanticoke, PA.

ID: 1123114


ID: 1123059

Not sure exactly what just happend?

ID: 1123060

Watch the pass again…

ID: 1123063

One more time…

ID: 1123080

You’re welcome!

ID: 1123163

Here’s the whole video, just in case you want your head to hurt some more.

ID: 1123177

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