Sneak Peek Inside Jay Cutler’s Intense Off-Season Workouts

Seriously, who knew?

Jay Cutler catches a lot of flack from Chicago Bears fans for his attitude.

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Sportswriters knock his toughness.

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The entire city of Chicago questions his will to win.

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But this off-season the Bears QB has been committed to finally reaching his true potential.

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Cutler has been laser-focused on proving all his critics wrong.

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The Bears first game of the season is about four months away, but if we know one thing, it’s that Jay Cutler will be ready.

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Update - May. 3, 9:50 p.m., EDT: A member of the Chicago Bears media relations department reached out to Deadspin stating that the man being fed a delicious Lone Star beer in the photo is not Jay Cutler. However we firmly believe that it would be a lot cooler if it was.

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