27 T-Shirts That Tell You Everything You Need To Know

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

1. This guy knew he was gonna have a bad day.

ID: 3451234

2. This old lady probably enjoys Wu-Tang Clan.

ID: 3451233

3. This guy knows every vote counts.

ID: 3451264

4. This kid doesn’t like being patronized.

ID: 3451339

5. This flautist is dedicated to his craft.

ID: 3451350

6. This father-to-be is so, so, so sorry.

ID: 3451537

7. This guy has very particular sexual desires.

ID: 3452038

8. Maureen likes plants.

ID: 3452185

9. This person really enjoys Dr. Pepper.

ID: 3452238

10. This kid doesn’t like to study.

ID: 3452368

11. This person’s prayers are always answered.

ID: 3452272

12. This guy doesn’t buy many drinks.

ID: 3452376

13. This grandpa listens to good advise.

ID: 3452394

14. This guy doesn’t bother to clear his browsing history.

ID: 3452416

15. This woman is busy.

ID: 3452509

16. This kid’s parents need a drink.

ID: 3452635

17. This person is color blind.

ID: 3452717

18. This guy is not a germaphobe.

ID: 3452740

19. This guy is a seasoned camper… and possibly a cannibal.

ID: 3452795

20. This person hates peer pressure.

ID: 3452935

21. This guy knows EXACTLY who he is.

ID: 3452974

22. This guy has a keen sense of humor.

ID: 3453007

23. This man is in need of a jacket.

ID: 3453062

24. This guy didn’t have enough quarters to do laundry before visiting his family.

ID: 3453100

25. This guy was a Biblical studies major in college.

ID: 3453206

26. This guy tells the same joke at Thanksgiving every year.

ID: 3453687

27. And this person is FUCKIN’ HUNGRY.

ID: 3452639

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