21 Reasons Why Sinbad Is An Everlasting Icon

The house guest that’s always welcome.

1. Because he knew style.

ID: 867728

2. He made this shirt work.

ID: 867926

3. He even pulled off the NBA bench player look.

ID: 867941

4. He compliments people on their haircuts.

ID: 867936

Even when he knows a bowl cut isn’t a “good look.”

ID: 868399

Because he’s a good guy.

ID: 867790

5. He has an unbridled enthusiasm for McDonalds.

ID: 867991

6. He’s still boys with EVERYONE.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
ID: 866914

Like Smokey Robinson…

ID: 867726

Gabrielle Union…

David Livingston / Getty Images
ID: 866935

Lionel Richie…

ID: 867734

Bret Michaels…

Charley Gallay
ID: 868236


Gene Duncan / AP
ID: 868220

7. He starred in greatest lazy Sunday afternoon movie EVER.

ID: 867691

8. He saved the President’s son from the original “catfishing” incident.

ID: 867694

9. Where he taught us how to dance.

ID: 867810

10. And nearly shot Brad from “Home Improvment” for hitting him with a spitball.

ID: 868247

11. He battled the Governator for the hottest Christmas toy and won.

ID: 867699

12. He rocked every hair style imaginable.

ID: 867731

13. Flat top…

ID: 867907

14. Bleached…

ID: 867953

15. Even the jheri curl mullet!

ID: 868288

16. He visited Kevin Smith’s comic book store!

ID: 867732

17. He wore this in “Good Burger.”

ID: 867755

18. He played himself as a mental patient in an episode of “Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

ID: 868248

19. He can play the drums like a boss.

ID: 867937

20. Because he’s keeping the funk alive.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 868243

21. Brad Pitt sums it up best…

ID: 867920

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