29 Reasons Why Pit Stains Are The Worst

First they ruin your shirt, then they go to work on your self-esteem.

1. Under arm sweat is no laughing matter.

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2. It’s man’s kryptonite.

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3. And a woman’s worst fear.

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4. It makes the coolest musician of all-time lose his luster.

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5. No matter how many layers you wear. You can never escape.

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6. Sometimes it’s all you can notice. No matter what else is going on.

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7. And no one can escape it…

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8. Not even Woody Allen…

Jackson Lee, Splash News
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9. This super cool emo dude can’t hide his pain.

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10. Charlie Kelly said it best…

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11. They RUIN undershirts!

Buying new undershirts sucks.

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12. And group pics with your bros!

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13. They even steal the spotlight from this granny at the strip club.

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14. And when the spotlight is turned on you, it becomes impossible to control!

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15. Its dark magic somehow shifts the focus away from her Hitler impression.

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16. And tricks you into spelling Ohio backwards.

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17. The shame and embarrassment is always written on your face…

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18. It’s difficult to look sexy…

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19. No matter how hard you try…

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21. So we proudly flaunt our mellow yellows.

ID: 783767

22. Wear them as badges of honor after intense workouts.

ID: 783774

23. We smile and we accept.

ID: 783914

24. Because this never really works.

ID: 783846

25. And no one wants to resort to armpit diapers.

ID: 783832

26. And abandoning deodorant would just make matters worst…

ID: 783871

27. So we live with our moist curse…

ID: 783810

28. OR I guess Botox is an option?!

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