33 Reasons It Ain’t Easy Being A Mets Fan

Spring training is usually a time for optimism, unless you’re a New York Mets fan.

1. Storage companies don’t even respect us.

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2. This picture of David Wright and Jose Reyes exists.

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3. We’re always a punch line.

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4. The Mets were the villians in every early ’90s baseball movie.

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5. Chris Brown wears Mets gear.

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6. Lady Gaga gives us the finger.

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7. After the All-Star break, our season rarely matters.

Christopher Pasatieri / Getty Images
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8. Our second baseman wears flip-flops when he goes bowling.

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9. These jerseys are only one “s” away from “Loss Mets.”

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10. Keith Hernandez got so bored last season, he shaved his mustache.

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He looks like a a powerless child.

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11. Generation K generated very few Ks.

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12. These are the guys who discovered cocaine.

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13. We moved Jose Reyes to second base to appease Kaz Matsui.

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14. The highest-paid outfielder for the Mets this season is Jason Bay.

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Jason Bay, who was cut by the Mets this past off-season, will continue to earn his full $16 million salary for the 2013 season.

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15. The second highest-paid outfielder is Bobby Bonilla.

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Bobby Bonilla, who last played for the Mets in 1999 and retired from baseball in 2001, will make $1,193,248.20 this season and every subsequent season for the next 25 years.

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16. This is the actual 2013 Mets starting outfield.

I’m pretty sure they’re giving away opening-day tickets for people who can name all three.

ID: 907899

17. Our doctors are the WORST in professional sports.

Remember when Ike Davis missed a whole season after turning his ankle? Or every misdiagnosis of Jose Reyes?

ID: 907503

18. Mr. and Mrs. Met got divorced in real life.

The people behind the costumes got married in the mid-1970s but got divorced after 25 years together.

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19. “Who Let the Mets Out”

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20. We traded R.A. Dickey…

ID: 907778

21. And two of the greatest pitchers in MLB history.

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22. Steve Phillips’ tenure as general manager.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images
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23. The Art Howe Era.

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24. We share a city with these guys.

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25. Even when we’re really good, it’s easy to make fun of us.

This was actually the best infield in MLB history.

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26. Carlos Beltran keeping his bat on his shoulder.

Al Bello / Getty Images
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27. This is how we dress for games in September.

Jim McIsaac / Getty Images

Notice the availability of great seats!

ID: 903943

28. The awful black uniforms.

ID: 908486

29. Even our first no-hitter in franchise history was tainted.

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30. Fred Wilpon.

Allison Joyce / Getty Images
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31. We are constantly forced to question God’s existence.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
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32. This is how we spend our summer nights.

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33. And no matter how bad it gets…

Al Bello / Getty Images
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We just can’t help ourselves.

Chris McGrath / Getty Images
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