16 Reasons People Who Think Baseball Is Boring Are Stupid

Seriously, stop whining.

They complain that the season is too long…

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The rules are too confusing…

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And there’s not enough action.

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Whenever they do watch a game it’s never without some kicking and screaming.

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They never quit expressing their feelings for America’s pastime.

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This is how they react to the wave.

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They’ll never stop telling you how boring games are.

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They’ll even bring a book to the ballpark and sit behind home plate so EVERYONE knows how uninterested they are.

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The incessant complaining gets under your skin.

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And it takes all of your self restraint…

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To not react like this…

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But remember they’re the ones missing out.

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1. Because some crazy shit happens over the course of a 162-game season.

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2. So they should probably start paying attention.

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3. Because baseball is full of excitement.

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4. Go-go gadget outfielders…

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5. Superhero base-runners…

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6. Gravity-defying pitches…

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7. Thrilling walk-off home runs…

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8. Unbridled joy…

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9. Incomparable agony…

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10. Superstitions…

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11. Real life Henry Rowengartners…

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12. Dancing…

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13. Goofiness…

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15. Delicious beer.

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16. That they bring right to your seat!

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You still think baseball is boring?

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Alright, well, just don’t tell Wally Backman.

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