29 Reasons Minor League Baseball Is The Best

Sports entertainment in its truest form.

1. Gimmicks are encouraged.

A Yankees affiliate showed up on opening day in Yellow Taxi Cabs.

ID: 1220409

2. They’re prepared with Mario Brothers in case the game sucks.

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3. Batdogs > Batboys

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4. These seats cost $12.

ID: 1220356

5. Kurt Russell was a .292 hitter during 4 years in the minors.

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6. Randy Mario Poffo was a minor league baseball player before he became “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

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7. “Stadium traffic” doesn’t exist…

ID: 1221236

8. But this does…

ID: 1221602

9. And so does this!

ID: 1221265

10. Because teams wear jerseys dedicated to Harry Potter

ID: 1220388

11. And Chewbacca!

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12. Other teams simply dress to impress.

ID: 1220715

13. This is how managers act when they’re thrown out of the game.

ID: 1221057

14. Because the minors are the setting for arguably the funniest baseball movie ever: Bull Durham

ID: 1221548

15. This cutie might be sitting next to you.

ID: 1220374

16. The Fort Worth Miracle’s George Costanza Night

The scoreboard ran from the ninth inning to the first, fans were paid money to park, teams wore the opposite home/road uniforms and the players asked the fans for autographs.

ID: 1221350

17. The Charleston Riverdogs Nobody Night

In an effort to set a record for lowest attendance for a baseball game, the Riverdogs locked fans out of the stadium until the 5th inning when the attendance was recorded.

ID: 1221374

18. Where else can you bash a printer on a professional baseball field?

ID: 1220929

19. Interesting promotional opportunities.

ID: 1220443

20. And creative giveaways.

ID: 1220447

21. Awesome logos like the Eugene Emeralds…

ID: 1220376

22. Montgomery Biscuits…

ID: 1220682

23. And the Lexington Legends.

ID: 1220323

24. Teams even let you pee on their logo if you feel like it.

ID: 1220440

25. You might see a superstar during a rehab game…

ID: 1221481

26. An up and coming superstar before he reaches the majors…

ID: 1221511

27. And you might even know the name of this “minor league guy.”

ID: 1220513

28. You can’t sumo wrestle on the first base line at Yankee Stadium.

ID: 1220861

29. And most importantly, Bill Murray doesn’t do this at major-league games!

ID: 1220931

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