Ranking The Jolliness Of 16 Sports Figures Dressed As Santa Claus

Whose suit fits the best?

16. Bill Belichick.

Sports Illustrated

It feels wrong to see a Santa suit photoshopped on the NFL’s most notorious curmudgeon. How do you measure the jolliness of a man who smiles once a year? You don’t.

ID: 2193471

15. Kobe Bryant.

Upper Deck

For someone with such a winning smile, it’s unfortunate that his competitive drive will never allow him to experience true joy.

ID: 2193515

14. Santonio Holmes.

Holmes is a perpetual malcontent. He complains about everything on and off the field. He doesn’t get the ball enough. He’s always injured. He disagrees with coaches. He has the reputation of being a quarterback killer. Not exactly the kind of person that spreads cheer to everyone he meets.

ID: 2194102

13. Monta Ellis.

Ellis has never seen a shot he didn’t like or a teammate he’d like to pass to. This isn’t the kind of selfless behavior you expect from Santa Claus.

ID: 2193409

12. John Kruk.

The Baseball Tonight analyst certainly has the size of jolly old Saint Nick, but his demeanor still leaves a bit to be desired. He does get bonus points for his flawless mullet from his playing days.

ID: 2193325

11. Tommy Lasorda.

Jon Soohoo / WireImage

Confused? Yes. Jolly? No.

ID: 2193745

10. Daniel Murphy.

The Mets second baseman may play for a loser, but he’s the ultimate team player for defeating the Mets curse of Kris Kringle.

ID: 2193329

9. Barry Melrose.

If he brings one-eighth of the enthusiasm he has for hockey highlights to his Christmas spirit, Melrose would be brimming in jolliness.

ID: 2193457

8. DeMarcus Cousins.

Cousins has a reputation for being a bad boy on the court. He frequently has a scowl on his face and refuses to shake hands with other teams. However, watch this video of Cousins giving away a Christmas shopping spree and tell me he isn’t jolly.

ID: 2193444

7. Chris Anderson.

Garrett W. Ellwood / NBAE via Getty Images

Nothing says Christmas like a tattooed former drug addict rocking stunner shades and a mohawk telling kids to rock on.

ID: 2193837

6. Ken Griffey Jr.

The Kid can do nothing wrong.

ID: 2194079

5. Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers would be higher on this list, but his injury problems are making everyone grumpy. His photobomb game is on point though.

ID: 2193807

4. Charles Barkley.

Because he’s just a knucklehead with no filter and a heart of gold.

ID: 2194010

3. Alex Ovechkin.


ID: 2193542

2. Shaquille O’Neal.

Because I’m not entirely convinced Shaq isn’t Santa Claus.

ID: 2193415

1. Babe Ruth.

Hulton Archive / Getty

Do I even have to explain?

ID: 2193920

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