17 People Who Should Sit The Next One Out

Sports aren’t for everyone.

1. This guy who was too fast for his own good.

ID: 3540685

2. This hurdler who should try a different race.

ID: 3540766

3. This dad who thought he could do it all.

ID: 3540849

4. This cyclist in need of a new push-start person.

ID: 3540867

5. This gymnast who forgot to vault.

ID: 3540951

6. This swaggy baller.

ID: 3540963

7. This cross-country skier who forgot how to cross-country ski.

ID: 3541052

8. This olympic diver who REALLY made a splash.

ID: 3541070

9. This kid with no more knee ligaments.

ID: 3541108

10. This poor dude.

ID: 3541136

11. All three of these hockey players who simultaneously forgot how to skate.

ID: 3542617

12. This trick shot master.

ID: 3545876

13. Everyone on the Miami Dolphins.

@CorkGaines / Via flickr.com
ID: 3546037

15. This rural gymnast.

ID: 3546821

16. This showboating cyclist.

ID: 3546886

17. And of course — Rob Ford.

ID: 3546117

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