Nickelodeon "Guts" Ref Gives Interview Guaranteed To Make You Cringe

Mo refers to herself as a “dirty Irish girl.” Mind, meet gutter.

1. Remember Nickelodeon “Guts”?

ID: 948255

2. Of course you do.

ID: 948263

3. Remember Mo?

ID: 948289

4. Okay, sorry, I’m not trying to patronize you.

ID: 948305

Well, last night, our favorite Nickelodeon Guts referee Moira Quirk, gave a throwback Thursday interview on the ESPNU show UNITE. Her following quotes may make you re-evaluate your entire childhood.

ID: 948238

11. Um…

ID: 948354

12. Watch the entire awkward life-ruining interview:

ID: 948387

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