Luis Suarez Defiles Isaac Newton’s Corpse With This Gravity-Defying Goal

Throw away the physics books because this just doesn’t make sense.

In today’s Premier League match between Liverpool and Norwich City, the talented — yet borderline insane — Luis Suarez had himself one of the most memorable games of his career. In Liverpool’s 5-1 thrashing of Norwich City, Suarez recorded four goals, including one that might make you question Newton’s laws of physics altogether.

ID: 2085351

Fourteen minutes into the match, Suarez broke the nil-nil tie with this ungodly strike from over 40 yards out.

ID: 2085371

Now, watch from the angle that might make your brain spontaneously combust.

ID: 2085440

With one swing of his right leg, Suarez defied thousands of years of scientific theory. He celebrated.

ID: 2085474

Isaac Newton on the other hand…

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h/t Deadspin

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