22 Kids Who Deserve An A+ In Keeping It Real

Little humans are the best humans.

1. This kid who is totally over dad humor.

ID: 3424082

2. This baby who figured out the best way to eat watermelon.

ID: 3423800

3. This kid who is concerned about his dad’s cholesterol levels.

ID: 3423762

4. This hungry camper.

ID: 3423825

5. This kid who doesn’t give a crap about legislation.

ID: 3423840

6. This kid who will most definitly accomplish his life-long dream.

ID: 3424050

7. This kid who probably pleaded “badass” in court.

ID: 3424083

8. These kids who ain’t even trying to front like they’re enjoying themselves.

ID: 3424141

9. This kid who’s just telling the truth.

ID: 3424149

10. This kid who wants his teacher to strive to be better.

ID: 3424281

11. This warrior.

ID: 3424292

12. This kid who’s just telling it like it is.

ID: 3424590

13. These kids who turned back the clock 15 minutes when the lifeguard wasn’t looking.

ID: 3424651

14. This pimp.

ID: 3424733

15. This kid who knows the true value of a quarter.

ID: 3424749

16. This future poet…

ID: 3424830

17. This future comedian…

ID: 3424850

18. And this future lawyer.

ID: 3424924

19. This kid who is sick of mom and dad eating the ice cream.

ID: 3424928

20. This girl and her ambitious New Year’s resolution.

ID: 3424972

21. This kid who will get all the waffles he wants for the rest of his life.

ID: 3424974

22. And this kid who just wants the world to know how much he loves his mommy

ID: 3424899

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