Is Wendy Davis Really The LeBron James Of Filibustering?

An inquiry.

Wendy Davis is the Texas state senator who stood and spoke for 11 hours yesterday — and into this morning — in a successful attempt to filibuster a bill regarding abortion in Texas.

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Her inspiring performance prompted some people to call her the “LeBron James of Filibustering,” and the title even made its way to her Wikipedia page.

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The prank has since been removed, but there is plenty of evidence that supports the idea that she is indeed LeBron’s political equal.

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6. They use body armor to help them carry on when they’re tired.

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7. They both raise two fingers for reasons other than peace.

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8. They are both heralded as champions by men with interesting glasses.

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9. However there is one major difference: Davis NEVER sits down.

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10. So I guess she’s more like “The Michael Jordan of Filibustering.”

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