Is This Kid The Most Adorable Photobomber Of All-Time?

The answer you’re looking for is “yes.”

Unless Charles Barkley is involved, an NBA post-game show is the last place you’d expect something interesting to happen. However, if you were watching the Houston Rockets post-game show this past Wednesday, you witnessed to the cutest photobomb in human history.

ID: 1135179

2. “Blah blah blah… wait, what’s that over his shoulder?”

ID: 1134989

3. “Who’s baby is that?”

ID: 1134992

4. “What’s he doin… why’s he not wearing pants?!”

ID: 1134994

5. “Is he pausing directly in the middle of the frame?”

ID: 1134995

And then you finally realize that kid knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

ID: 1135258

7. Photobomb Level: INFINITY

ID: 1135198

8. Bravo little man.

ID: 1135326

9. Check out the endlessly cute video:

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H/T to Barry Petchesky at Deadspin

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