21 Insane Faces Of The World’s Strongest Men

These muscle-bound goliaths have quite the range of emotions.

1. The “I just stubbed my toe” face.

ID: 899418

2. The “end of ‘Field of Dreams’ gets me every time” face.

ID: 899421

3. The “I just ate too much Indian food” face.

ID: 899422

4. The “my back hurts from sitting in an office chair all day” face.

ID: 899436

5. The “bagel bites are too hot” face.

ID: 899439

6. The “just dropped my ice cream cone” face.

ID: 899441

7. The “my parents STILL didn’t get me a puppy for Christmas” face.

ID: 899460

8. The “my Happy Meal didn’t come with a toy” face.

ID: 899451

9. The “holding in a fart” face.

ID: 899484

10. The “terrfied of spiders” face.

ID: 899466

11. The “trying not to laugh” face.

ID: 899474

12. The “someone at work ate my lunch” face.

ID: 899507

13. The “self-conscious in a convertible” face.

ID: 899968

14. The “last picked in kickball” face.

ID: 899522

15. The “struggling to get out of bed” face.

ID: 899811

16. The “scared of flying” face.

ID: 899523

17. The “just watched a drunk couple fighting in public” face.

ID: 899534

18. The “holding in the urge to sneeze” face.

ID: 899530

19. The “please god, no more shots” face.

ID: 899532

20. The “wow, those coupons saved me a lot of money” face.

ID: 899537

21. The “just saw ‘The Usual Suspects’ for the first time” face.

ID: 899423

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