21 Insane Faces Of The World’s Strongest Men

These muscle-bound goliaths have quite the range of emotions.

1. The “I just stubbed my toe” face.

2. The “end of ‘Field of Dreams’ gets me every time” face.

3. The “I just ate too much Indian food” face.

4. The “my back hurts from sitting in an office chair all day” face.

5. The “bagel bites are too hot” face.

6. The “just dropped my ice cream cone” face.

7. The “my parents STILL didn’t get me a puppy for Christmas” face.

8. The “my Happy Meal didn’t come with a toy” face.

9. The “holding in a fart” face.

10. The “terrfied of spiders” face.

11. The “trying not to laugh” face.

12. The “someone at work ate my lunch” face.

13. The “self-conscious in a convertible” face.

14. The “last picked in kickball” face.

15. The “struggling to get out of bed” face.

16. The “scared of flying” face.

17. The “just watched a drunk couple fighting in public” face.

18. The “holding in the urge to sneeze” face.

19. The “please god, no more shots” face.

20. The “wow, those coupons saved me a lot of money” face.

21. The “just saw ‘The Usual Suspects’ for the first time” face.

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