25 Fans Who Have No Idea What The Damn Score Is

Wait, there’s sports happening?

1. This potassium-loving Brewers fan.

ID: 1474485

2. This hockey fan who decided he wanted to get closer to the action.

ID: 1474173

3. This swan-diving Buffalo Bills fan.

ID: 1475022

4. This Kansas City Royals fan who decided to cool off in the Kaufman Stadium fountain.

ID: 1474059

5. Drunk Papa John.

ID: 1474237

6. This foolish boyfriend who used his credit card to eat ice cream.

ID: 1473972

7. This Phillies fan who never made it out of the parking lot.

ID: 1474392

8. This bro who never saw a horse at the Belmont Stakes.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
ID: 1474203

9. The Cubs bleacher creatures…

ID: 1474260

10. At their finest.

ID: 1474841

11. This Rangers fan who’s so OVER chugging.

ID: 1474333

12. This Phillies fan with impeccable balance.

ID: 1474829

13. This guy at a Bears game who misplaced his clothes.

ID: 1474606

14. This woman giving the worst lap dance of all time.

ID: 1474807

15. This clown and his friend.

ID: 1474610

16. This guy who’s simply trying to support the team.

ID: 1475023

17. This guy who THOUGHT he was putting out a forest fire.

ID: 1474966

18. Tommy Lasorda

ID: 1475882

19. This Yankees fan who thought he was on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

ID: 1475124

20. Every Mets fan by the 8th inning.

ID: 1475510

21. This couple enjoying a thrilling baseball game.

Elsa / Getty Images
ID: 1475342

22. This Arsenal fan who forgot what they were cheering about.

ID: 1475591

23. This Eagles fans who is simply warning you that he has no idea what’s going on.

ID: 1475613

24. This fleet-footed Sox fan.

ID: 1475122

25. Every NASCAR fan.

ID: 1474856

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