21 Fans Who Restored Your Faith In Alcohol In 2013

Helping fans become fools since the beginning of time.

1. This hockey fan who stole a helmet right off a player’s head.

ID: 2093326

2. This Bears fan who lost a fight with a street sign.

ID: 2093509

3. This badass looking for a fight.

ID: 2112436

4. This woman who mistook the Kaufman Stadium fountain for an above-ground pool.

ID: 2093580

5. This Mets fan who fell down and went boom.

ID: 2093636

6. This Jets fan who may have pissed himself and loves curse words.

ID: 2112699

7. This hockey fan who got two minutes for being a goddamn idiot.

ID: 2094122

8. This Vikings fan who didn’t need that last beer anyway.

ID: 2111550

9. These Texas A&M fans who hijacked this news segment.

ID: 2112516

10. This fearless UCLA fan.

ID: 2112356

11. These Buffalo Bills fans who hate tables and safety.

ID: 2113432

12. This Dolphins fan having an AWESOME time.

ID: 2113500

13. Drunk Papa John.

ID: 2093595

14. The Bulls fan who practices his WWE moves on a metal bar.

ID: 2112610

15. This Giants fan who knows exactly what the score is.

ID: 2113321

16. This air guitar virtuoso.

ID: 2113156

17. This Baltimore Ravens fan who mistook a street sign for exercise equipment.

ID: 2113236

18. This Phillies fan who got branded with a spatula.

ID: 2113579

19. This Clemson fan who likes to stay hydrated.

ID: 2111846

20. This Pirates fan who loves October swims in the Allegheny River.

ID: 2113709

21. Popcorn man.

ID: 2093942

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