Entire Range Of Human Emotion Encapsulated By Single Pole Vault Attempt

French pole vaulter has a real case of the sacre blues.

Over the weekend, French Olympic pole vault champion Renaud Lavillenie attempted the second-highest vault in the sport’s history, which would have been a personal best.

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2. Look at him get the crowd amped for some pole vaulting!

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3. Check out that focus!

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4. Oh man, I’m nervous. Here he goes…

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5. OH MY GOD HE DID IT!!!!!!!!

ID: 957243

6. Viva la France!

ID: 957251

7. Can you believe it!?

ID: 957255

8. Wait, what’s that?

ID: 957260

9. Why is he holding a red flag?

ID: 957308

11. You’ve got to be KIDDING ME!

ID: 957318

12. *Angry French words*

ID: 957322

13. *Heartbreak sets in*

ID: 957340

14. *Dreams shatter*

ID: 957333

15. Okay, stop, this is getting uncomfortable.

ID: 957349

16. All French jokes aside, that really did suck.

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17. Watch the entire emotional meltdown:

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H/T Jason McIntyre at The Big Lead

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