Don’t Remind Knicks Fans Of What Happened 18 Years Ago Today


May 7th will always be an inauspicious date for New York Knicks fans, because it marks one of the swiftest and most shocking collapses in NBA playoff history.

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18 years ago today, Reggie Miller scored 8 points in an 8.9 second span during the Eastern Conference semifinals, miraculously transforming a 6-point Knicks lead into a 2-point Knicks loss.

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Of course, this anniversary happens ever year. What makes 2013 special is that once again, the Knicks are up against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

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And guess who’s announcing the game for TNT?

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This presents the New York Knicks with a unique opportunity to exorcise their demons in front of the man responsible for so many bad memories.

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They can repeat history.

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