19 Cars That Are Unnecessarily Tall

Sorry, but your station wagon doesn’t need a lift kit.

1. Great gas mileage while STILL overcompensating.

ID: 850982

2. This boss PT Cruiser tearing up the pavement.

ID: 850971


ID: 850977

4. Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

ID: 850969

5. Because you need to flaunt the fact you’re driving a station wagon.

ID: 851012

6. This real-life Hot Wheels car.

ID: 851021

7. Why? Seriously, why?

ID: 851053

8. This black beauty.

ID: 852638

9. This off-roading Jaguar.

ID: 851066

10. This topless wonder.

ID: 851070

11. Big dude with small feet.

ID: 851081

12. The flames weren’t getting enough attention.

ID: 851142

13. This smooth ride.

ID: 852687

14. Lifting the car makes sooo much more sense than buying doors.

ID: 851209

15. This timeless tractor-pickup hybrid.

ID: 852162

16. This guy trying to fit in.

ID: 852531

17. NFL star Darren McFadden’s Crown Victoria.

ID: 852656

18. Hippies riding dirty.

ID: 852668

19. This dude doesn’t even golf!

ID: 852685

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