The U.S. Bobsledder Who Broke Through His Bathroom Door Got Stuck In An Elevator Today

Then an anvil fell on his head and he stepped on a rake and got his foot stuck in a bucket and…

1. The competition hasn’t begun yet for U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn, but due to a jammed bathroom door, the Pennsylvania native has already become a media sensation.

Quinn has spent the last couple days describing being trapped in his bathroom to just about every news outlet in Sochi. He even reenacted punching through a door for NBC. And when he wasn’t being interviewed, he was interacting with some random celebrities on Twitter, like William Shatner…

But Monday morning, Quinn and two of his teammates got stuck in a place that even he couldn’t break his way out of — an elevator.

The four-man blobsled event doesn’t even begin for another 12 days! So Johnny Quinn should probably stay away from confined spaces for the next week and a half.

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