An Ode To Jaromir Jagr’s Flawless Hair And Also His Hockey Playing Or Whatever

Is it possible that a hairstyle can outshine a Hall of Fame career? Yes.

There is no arguing the fact that Jaromir Jagr is one of the greatest players to ever lace up skates in the NHL. The Czech-born winger is eighth in NHL history in goals scored and 10th in overall points. At 41 years old, Jagr is still a force for the Boston Bruins, currently playing major minutes during the Stanley Cup finals. But for many fans Jagr will be remembered for his flowing curly locks just as much as his scoring prowess, and for good reason.

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2. He made bangs look good.

ID: 1281768

3. Hi haters.

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4. He was a good enough scientist enough to know that sideburns would only slow him down.

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5. Bye haters.

Elsa / Getty Images
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6. He knew hair was made to keep the back of your neck nice and toasty.

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7. And it helped him look practically invincible in a Starter jacket.

ID: 1282176

8. His hair knew demin shirts would come back in style.

ID: 1281833

9. Here’s Luke Robitaille getting so distracted by Jagr’s lucious locks he barely notices whatever it is they’re doing with sardines.

ID: 1281974

10. Jagr played for several teams but never went anywhere without his trademarked ‘do.

ID: 1281943

11. He wore it during press conferences…

ID: 1281894

12. To children’s hospitals…

ID: 1282148

13. To the Olympics…

ID: 1281754

14. When he was out on the town in Prague…

ID: 1281952

15. And when he met the President of the United States.

Susan Walsh / AP
ID: 1282155

16. But it always looked best in its natural enviornment…

ID: 1281811

17. On the ice…

ID: 1281870

18. No matter the uniform…

Carlos Osorio / AP

Harry How / Getty Images

ID: 1283038

19. Flapping effortlessly in the wind.

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images
ID: 1281763

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