53 Reasons To Go Batshit Over The Birth Of Bill Murray

Everyone’s favorite actor turns 62 years old today. Lets take a moment and remember why he’s so damn awesome.

1. Because Bill Murray always knows how to have a good time

ID: 598843

2. Because he parties in Scotland and then washes the dishes

ID: 598906

3. Because he enjoys karaoke with strangers

ID: 598933

4. Because of this moustache

ID: 599137

5. Because this is how he dresses when he plays golf

ID: 598770

6. Because he greets his fans at golf events with a kiss

ID: 598876

7. Because he once got pulled over for drunk driving a golf cart, in Sweden.

*BuzzFeed does not support drinking and driving.

ID: 598829

8. Because Bill Murray is badass

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/20089652.

These guys asked Bill for an autograph. He gave them a slow-motion walk instead.

ID: 598758

9. Because he once punched Chevy Chase in the face before his opening monologue on SNL

ID: 598745

10. And ‘accidently’ broke Robert DeNiro’s nose while filming ‘Mad Dog and Glory’

ID: 598713

11. Because he randomly guest bartended at an Austin bar during SXSW

…and only served tequila

ID: 598895

12. Because he hangs out with RZA & GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan

ID: 598901

13. Because Bill Murray is a ladies man

ID: 598914

14. Because he played for the Toon Squad

ID: 598938

15. Because of Ernie McCraken’s combover

ID: 598980

16. Because he really did bowl those last 3 strikes

ID: 598984

17. Because ‘it just doesn’t matter!’

ID: 599004

18. Because of his cameo in ‘Zombieland’

ID: 599052

19. Because he did this on the set of ‘Rushmore’

ID: 599037

20. Because of this picture with Hunter S. Thompson

ID: 599077

21. Because he’s actually the co-owner of a restaurant called Caddy Shack with his brothers

ID: 599092

22. Because his brother is also awesome

ID: 599103

23. Because he doesn’t have an agent. If you want him in your movie call his 800 number and leave a message.

ID: 599166

24. Because this is what he wears on the red carpet

ID: 599191

25. Because he plays a drum in this music video

ID: 599200

26. Because he was David Letterman’s first guest

ID: 599235

27. Because he thought ‘Garfield’ was a Coen brothers film

It was written by the unrelated Joel Cohen.

ID: 599244

28. Because he was arrested at 20 years old for trying to traffic 9 lbs of weed through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

*BuzzFeed does not support drug trafficking.

ID: 599252

29. Because when the Cubs made the playoffs in 2003 he was filming in Italy, but his contract stipulated that he could watch every game on satellite

ID: 599263

30. Because he ad libbed the whole Dalai Lama story

ID: 599276

31. Because he was an ambulence chasing lawyer in ‘Wild Things’

ID: 599289

32. Because he always has time for his fans

ID: 599293

33. Because he refuses to do Ghostbusters 3

ID: 599297

34. Because he was almost Han Solo

ID: 599358

35. Because he studied history and philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris

ID: 599391

36. Because he agreed to wear this in a movie

ID: 599400

37. Because he annoyed the living shit out of Richard Dreyfuss

ID: 599404

38. Because he’s an excellent tour guide

ID: 599414

39. Because he makes rain delays enjoyable

ID: 599430

40. Because there’s a ‘Songs Inspired By Murray’s Life’ section on his wikipedia page

ID: 599461

41. Because this bike owner probably wouldn’t even care.

ID: 599446

42. Because he plays guitar with Clapton

ID: 599467

43. Because he poses wearing a red scarf

ID: 599478

44. Because he eats breakfast in bed, with beer

ID: 599483

45. Because he drinks/eats at airport bars

ID: 599496

46. Because he looks great in military garb

ID: 599505

47. Because of this sweatervest

ID: 599506

48. Because he was best friends with John Belushi

ID: 599511

49. Because of this GIF

ID: 599514

50. Because he inspired this guy’s tattoo

ID: 599526

51. Because he always looks good in hats

ID: 599562

52. Because he lives on Suntory time

ID: 599529

53. Because he’s Bill fuckin’ Murray

ID: 599537

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