5 Golf Stretches Guaranteed To Ignite Your Loins

Miguel Angel Jimenez has it all figured out.

Meet the 49-year-old ponytail-rocking, cigar-smoking Spaniard who is currently near the top of the British Open leader board at Muirfield in Scotland. Miguel Angel Jimenez has a smooth swing and an even smoother approach to the game of golf. In summation: he’s really awesome.

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Golfers and golf fans everywhere are watching the British Open wondering, “how is this middle-aged dude simply owning life right now?” Well, the secret is in his mesmerizing and sensual stretches.

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1. Drop ‘dat ass real low.

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2. Loosen those magical wrists.

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Yeah, get after it.

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3. Don’t forget your calves.

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4. Now, reach for the heavens.

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And finally…

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5. Get down with your bad self.

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Okie dokie, now you’re ready to win the British Open.

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