5 Easy Steps For Successfully Trolling Your Co-Worker

Brought to you by PGA golfers Keegan Bradley and Jason Dufner.

1. Identify the target.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

Meet Keegan Bradley (Left) and Jason Dufner (Right).

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2. Lull your new FRIEND into a false sense of security.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images
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3. Innocently start following each other on Twitter.

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4. Playfully mock one another.

Dufner proudly attended Auburn University, where their motto was “War Eagle.”

ID: 985805

Keegan Bradley is frequently mocked for use of a belly putter, which is a point of contention on tour.

ID: 985804

5. And finally, attack with hilariously embarrassing photos.

Keegan made this earring-clad picture of Dufner as his Twitter avatar for about 24 hours.

ID: 985799

Dufner countered by tweeting this gem of Bradley, but didn’t make it his avatar.

ID: 985811

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