40 Reasons Phoenix Is The Most Adorable Band Ever

The Parisian quartet suffers from serious cuteness overload.

1. You know these four Frenchies from their catchy synth-filled pop music…

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2. But did you know they’re also the most adorable band alive?

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3. Even their language barrier is super charming.

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4. Look how happy R. Kelly is to be chillin’ with them!

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5. Now watch Thomas Mars dance like a goofball.

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6. Hey, Melissa McCarthy! Branco has a rose for you!

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7. They ride bikes together.

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8. And share the same book when they read in the park.

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9. Before concerts they cruise around town in vintage cars.

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10. They go the extra mile for their fans…

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11. Even the tiniest one.

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12. They know sliding down railings will never stop being fun.

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13. Just look at them affectionately interlocking arms.

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14. I bet this makes you want to buy an antique globe now.

ID: 1103624

15. Oh, here’s their best friend R. Kelly again!

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16. They’re always lending each other a helping hand.

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17. Look at these nerds in front of the Louvre and try not to giggle.

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18. What’s that?

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19. You didn’t know their fans give them tequila!

ID: 1108079

The gift that keeps giving!

ID: 1107067

20. They just make you wanna say “aww.”

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21. I mean how many other bands have pictures with kangaroos?

ID: 1107794

22. Or playfully slap each others asses?

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24. Look at them casually walking the streets of Paris playing sweet tunes.

ID: 1107459

25. You can almost feel Deck’s hugs.

ID: 1107795

26. Look at Branco straight groovin’ in a shiny jacket.

ID: 1108070

27. Race car photo shoot? Why the hell not?

ID: 1107823

28. Oh, did you know they’re besties with Daft Punk and Air?

ID: 1107860

29. They photobomb pictures of luggage!

ID: 1106993

30. They’re like the Reservoir Dogs if you replace suits for skinny jeans and violence for dance tunes!

ID: 1108061

31. They hide in the trees!

ID: 1107827

32. Look at this interaction between brothers.

ID: 1107879

33. And Thomas is married to Sofia Coppola.

ID: 1107837

34. They high-five mascots…

ID: 1108075

35. Hang with Donald Glover…

ID: 1107838

36. And Solange and the dude from Grizzly Bear!

ID: 1107848

37. Look how colorfully they dress!

ID: 1108717

38. There’s a stuffed animal in his shirt pocket!

ID: 1107971

39. Now, go listen to their album…

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