23 Signs You Went To A Mid-Major College

It’s Cinderella season. Stand up and be proud!

1. Finding your way around campus was never this hard.

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2. And classrooms never resembled football stadiums.

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3. In fact you didn’t have a football team so your school’s bookstore sold t-shirts like this:

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4. However, you kicked ass at a less mainstream sport like lacrosse.

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5. You were rarely surrounded by complete strangers.

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6. You made friends fo’ LIFE.

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7. And they are probably weirder than most.

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8. And you guys are really comfortable with each other.

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9. So your theme parties tend to get kinda strange…

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10. Like really bizarre.

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11. No one acted like this when they saw a star athlete on campus.

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12. And no one ever confused your gymnasium with an arena.

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13. It could be mistaken for a large high school’s.

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14. But you always proudly packed the place anyway.

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15. This is how people react when you say where you went to school.

ID: 1004569

16. And this is how they react when you explain it further.

ID: 1004558

17. You have very little patience for those people.

ID: 1004688

18. Because you have bit of a chip on your shoulder.

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19. Deep down you love being an underdog.

ID: 1004784

20. You love the first week of March Madness.

(Not a feeling exclusive to mid-major fans.)

ID: 1004862

21. You don’t care that a lot of people have never heard of your school.

ID: 1004832

22. Because you’re damn proud of it anyway.

ID: 1004757

23. And maybe after this month is over people will never forget your school again.

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