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23 People You Shouldn’t Ask For Help Picking Your Bracket

Trust your instincts, not these “experts.”

1. Anyone who has ever picked a winner based on mascots.

2. Whoever opened this carton of delicious lemonade.

3. Anyone THIS clueless.

4. Groundhogs that specialize in “predictions.”

5. Whoever drives this truck.

6. This overly-trusting gazelle.

7. Barack “Chalk City” Obama.

FYI Chalk = Just picking all the top seeds.

8. The kid president.

Never trust children.

9. People who let their favorite color dictate their entire life.

11. Anyone ever viciously attacked by a tube television.

14. Masochists that own this CD.

15. This dog who swears he’s been “watching” Marquette play all season.

16. Nickelback fans*.

*Yes, I know this is a parody account.

17. Anyone that calls themselves an “expert.”

18. These vehicular geniuses.

19. Whatever sub-human forced this sign into existence.

20. People that don’t know cliches.

21. Anyone who drives a motorcycle… while wearing roller blades.

22. The guy who says he’s been listening to podcasts at the gym.

23. Dick Vitale.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

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