21 Signature Denzel Washington Laughs

He’s known for his tough guy movie roles, but don’t get it twisted, this dude loves a good giggle.

1. Denzel’s “Get away from me George Lopez” laugh.

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2. Denzel’s “Sly, you should lay off the roids” laugh.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images
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3. Denzel’s “Please don’t kiss me Marc Anthony” laugh.

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4. Denzel’s “You think this shirt looks weird without a tie? Fuck ties” laugh.

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5. Denzel’s “Hi, Tom Hanks here, I’d like 200 cheese pizzas for delivery please” laugh.

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6. Denzel’s “You’re a lot funnier than I thought” laugh.

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7. Denzel’s “Yea, I know I’m overdressed” laugh.

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8. Denzel’s “I’m boys with POTUS” laugh.

Max Whittaker / Getty Images
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9. Denzel’s “We never really hang out” laugh.

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10. Denzel’s “Anything for my goofy fans” laugh.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
ID: 671711

11. Denzel’s “Honestly, I’m trying to smile” laugh.

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ID: 671713

12. Denzel “I’m totally making these ladies year” giggle.

Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images
ID: 671714

13. Denzel’s “ahhh shitttt” laugh.

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ID: 671719

14. Denzel’s “You don’t think I can stop this train?” laugh.

ID: 671776

15. Denzel’s “I’m trying, and failing, to hold it in” laugh.

ID: 671734

16. Denzel’s “Yea, my wife bought me this shirt” chuckle.

Julien M. Hekimian / Getty Images
ID: 671722

17. Denzel’s “Damn, it’s awesome being rich and good looking” laugh.

Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images
ID: 671732

18. Denzel’s “I’m here bitches” laugh.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 671736

19. Denzel’s “I know, Antonio Banderas, I love you too” laugh.

Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
ID: 671744

20. Denzel’s “Okay, I had a COUPLE drinks” laugh.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 671751

21. Denzel’s “Yep, it’s good being me” laugh.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
ID: 671773

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