15 Underrated Perks Of Living With Your Parents

Dreading the mere idea of moving back home? Try looking on the bright side, because contrary to popular belief it really isn’t the end of the world.

1. You never run out of toilet paper

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2. Unlimited access to vintage workout equipment

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3. Your refrigerator goes from drab…

ID: 615374

…to fab!

ID: 615619

4. And you’re actually encouraged to eat their delicious leftovers

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5. Unlike your old inconsiderate roommate they live for this shit…

ID: 615890

Just look how happy he is!

ID: 616003

6. And there’s a zero percent chance of finding them like this…

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7. They can afford better cable channels

ID: 616121

8. Pizza Fridays!

ID: 615488

9. Batteries!!

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10. Bunk Beds!!!

ID: 618306

11. Groceries magically replenish

ID: 615666

12. Two Words: Liquor. Cabinet.

ID: 615827

13. Plus, your childhood bedroom is a way less depressing place to be hung over

ID: 615906

Sure, your love life might take a bit of a hit

ID: 616240

14. But your toothpaste will last WAY longer

ID: 618256

15. And at least your roommates are morally obligated to like you

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