14 Reasons People Should Give La Salle More Love

Florida Gulf Coast may be the Cinderella, but the Explorers actually have a chance.

1. Because their coach has a PhD. in kinesiology!

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Known as human kinetics or the scientific study of human movement.

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2. Because La Salle has a long basketball tradition.

They lost the 1955 national championship game to the University of San Francisco, led by Bill Russell.

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3. Because this postgame interview was amazing.

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4. Because they had true fans before the tournament started.

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5. Because this is an actual professor at La Salle University.

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6. Because layups are more democratic than dunking.

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7. Because the new pope has been a big fan all season.

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8. Because this dog looks dashing in a La Salle School of Medicine t-shirt.

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9. Because Tyrone Garland has multiple famous doppelgängers.

Kel Mitchell from Good Burger.

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Chris Rock.

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10. Because there are already AT LEAST three different versions of this t-shirt.

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11. Because this baby wants you to root for La Salle.

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12. Because their guards can compete with anyone.

Ramon Galloway is a South Carolina transfer and Tyrone Garland came from Virginia Tech.

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13. Because they’re the only team remaining from the rugged A-10 conference.

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Arguably the toughest mid-major conference in the country this year.

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14. They have a chip on their shoulder.

I mean they ARE from Philadelphia.

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