13 Awesome Ways To Watch March Madness

With this much basketball you need to be resourceful.

1. On three iPhones at the lunch table.

ID: 1005506

2. With some triple-screen action in the classroom.

ID: 1005515

3. On this beautiful tube television with bunny ears.

ID: 1005416

4. Cozied up in front of the fire.

ID: 1005501

5. On any laptop you can find.

ID: 1005380

6. On your MacBook and broken iPhone.

ID: 1005384

7. On every screen in the office.

ID: 1005423

8. On the classic tablet, laptop & flatscreen combo.

ID: 1005398

9. On multiple windows using multiple browsers.

ID: 1005411

10. In this haven of forgotten TVs.

ID: 1005435

11. With Big Mouth Billy Bass in this mancave.

ID: 1005462

13. On the only screen you’re allowed to use.

ID: 1005440

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