12 Ways Snow Days Change As You Get Older

Oh, how times change.

1. Playing with a shovel becomes…

actually freakin’ shoveling.

2. Drinking hot chocolate becomes…

binge-drinking alcohol.

3. Sledding becomes…

pulling the damn sled.

4. Seeing bunnies play in the snow becomes…

5. Too excited to sleep becomes…

all you want to do is sleep.

6. Digging under the snow becomes…

getting snowed under.

7. Praying that the snowplow never comes to your block becomes…

counting the minutes until the snowplow clears your street.

8. No homework becomes…

9. Fun with snowblowers becomes…

intense jealousy of neighbors with snowblowers.

10. Building snowmen becomes…

building other things out of snow.

11. Making snow angels becomes…

passing out in the snow.

12. Having snowball fights with your friends becomes…

OK, I guess SOME things don’t change.

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