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    • mizzi1234

      I was helping my boyfriend clean out his closet in his parent’s home a few months ago, and his eight year old sister followed us up the stairs to “help.” I’m a little bit of a neat freak and my boyfriend could care less, so I was starting to get on his nerves. He started to complain so I stopped him and said, “Cameron, it’s not like I’m being a closet dictator or something. If you want to keep something tell me, but do you really need a t-shirt from when you were ten?” That’s when his sister, mis-hearing the word “dictator” turned to us and said, “What’s a dick-eater?” Needless to say we lost it. I corrected her, saying “No sweetie, a dic-TATOR.” “Yeah, what’s a dick-beater?” This maybe why his mom still hasn’t warmed up to me yet. Her daughter told her I’m a dick eater and beater.