10 Ways “How I Met Your Mother” Lied To Us

Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney had it all wrong.

1. An Intervention Will Solve Your Problems.

Obsessed with spray tanning? Using charts to document everything? Throwing your friend an intervention isn’t always a quick fix to their problem.

2. The Booth You Love at Your Favorite Bar Will Always Be Open.

You and your friends favorite booth isn’t always open at your local hang out? Shocking…

3. Laser Tag Is Fun At Any Age.

No. Laser tag isn’t always fun. Sometimes the younger kids pick on you.

4. Being a teenage pop star is totally awesome.

Who wants to be like Justin Bieber anyway?

5. Wearing A Suit All The Time Is The Best.

Barney may look amazing in a suit, but we’d rather be in sweat pants, okay?

6. A Slap-Bet Is The Only Way To Settle A Disagreement.

Never take a slap-bet that you’re not 100% sure you can win.

7. Your Friends Will Always Be There When You Need Them.

Unfortunately, your friends won’t always be there when you need them. Relationships are hard, and sometimes people grow apart.

8. Casual Sex Is Cool.

No matter what Barney says, sleeping with 200+ people isn’t cool.

9. Staying Friends With Your Ex Is Easy.

Just because Robin, Ted, and Barney made it work doesn’t mean you will. Being friends with an ex is awkward!

10. Somewhere Out There Is Your Doppelganger.

Sure we loved finding lesbian Robin, Stripper Lily, Mustache Marshall, and the others, but we’ve yet to find our own doppelgangers, right?

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