This Is What Happens When You Search Photo Archives For Pictures Of Female Soldiers

Hot. Useful.

1. If you search for “military” “women” on the photo wires, this is the first picture to come up, from a military base in Crimea, Ukraine.

Thomas Peter / Reuters
ID: 2573514

2. There is also this picture, to illustrate a story about exemptions from military service for Orthodox Jews in Israel.

Ronen Zvulun / Reuters
ID: 2573599

3. Then this pops up.

ID: 2573104

4. And this.

ID: 2573454

5. Also this.


All three ran with the caption: “Two women in military clothes and sunglasses army girls on gray background.”

ID: 2573461

6. There are some other pictures interspersed, like this one of a bombing in Syria.

Stringer / Reuters
ID: 2573622

7. And this, from South Africa, after the late Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

Rogan Ward / Reuters
ID: 2573630

8. And then it goes back to this.

ID: 2573616

9. A search for “female” “soldiers” starts off more promisingly. This picture comes up first, of women training at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File
ID: 2573680

10. It’s followed by this. Caption: “Female legs of army soldier isolated on white. Military woman. Studio shot.”

ID: 2573773

11. And then this. Caption: “Attractive woman soldier with futuristic gun and scary ghost.”

ID: 2573689

12. That is followed by this picture, with the caption: “Young beautiful female soldier dressed in a camouflage with a gun in the location.”

ID: 2573694

13. Here is the “young beautiful female soldier dressed in a camouflage” pointing a gun.

ID: 2573708

14. That nine-photo series is followed by one centered on this. Because why not?

ID: 2573717

15. Who really needs a picture of actual women serving in the military. Who?

ID: 2573723

16. Good job, guys.

ID: 2573733

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