This Is What Happens When Hellfire Hail Rains Down On A Russian Beach

Run for cover.

1. Residents of the Siberian city of Novosibirsk were enjoying a lovely day at a riverside beach when suddenly it got a little windy.

ID: 3389239

2. Then it got a lot windy. People grabbed the nearest animal print blanket and ran for the hills.

ID: 3389252

3. Then the skies opened and flung a violent hail upon the land.

ID: 3389253

4. Some sought shelter from a mighty umbrella.

ID: 3389267

5. Others from a mighty … shirt.

ID: 3389277

6. But the hail just kept coming. And ruined everyone’s day.

ID: 3389285

7. Watch the whole freaky video here:

ID: 3389292

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