This Is What Happens When Wolf Blitzer Goes Inside A Hamas Tunnel

Brace yourself.

On Monday, CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer got a look inside one of the infamous tunnels built by Hamas to smuggle goods, weapons, and people from Gaza to Israel. The tunnel had been recently captured by Israeli forces.

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First, Wolf takes a look around the tunnel.

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Then, he touches the sides of the tunnel.

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Don’t worry, he has a flashlight.

Watch Wolf’s interview with Jake Tapper in full, here.

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The Israeli army says destroying Hamas’ complex, and deadly, tunnel network is a main aim of Operation Defensive Edge, launched on July 8. The army has since expanded its campaign.

An Israeli army officer walks through one of the tunnels Hamas militants built to coordinate cross-border attacks. Pool / Reuters

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The internet enjoyed Wolf’s foray into the tunnel. Many questions were posed.

Is Wolf Blitzer staging a commando raid on Shejaieh or perhaps delivering Gazans KFC?

— Hugh Naylor (@HughNaylor)
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What would your country do if people lived in fear of Wolf Blitzer emerging from a hole in the ground? (v @Garofal0)

— Tom Gara (@tomgara)
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Carry on, Wolf.

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