There Is A Fake Chipotle In Iran And It Looks Delicious

There is no official Chipotle branch in Iran, the company told BuzzFeed. But that hasn’t stopped a knockoff with the same name.

2. It’s Chipotle in Iran! Well, sort of.

3. There is a Chipotle in Tehran. But it’s not an official branch, Chipotle told BuzzFeed. There are actually many knockoff restaurants all around town, like fake KFC, Subway, and even Mash Donalds, as NPR reported last year.

4. Fake Chipotle in Tehran may not be exactly what you’d expect.

5. But it does look good.

6. Fake Chipotle in Iran doesn’t have the standard real Chipotle look (or prices.)

7. Actually, much of the menu is not like real Chipotle at all.

8. Pizza? At Chipotle? OK.

9. Well these clearly are not American portions.

10. Actually, fake Chipotle in Iran has really nice presentation.

11. Those are some very thoughtfully placed onions. Real Chipotle, can you do that?

12. Also, this should at least be on the secret menu.

13. And can you get on that mint tea, real Chipolte? Thanks.

14. In the end, real Chipotle or not, all meals should end like this.

15. So tavalod mobarak!

Happy Birthday!

16. And nooshe jan!

Bon appetit!

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