That Time #IfHitlerWasAlive Was Trending In Pakistan

Over 4,000 tweets.

#IfHitlerWasAlive was trending in Pakistan on Tuesday, rising as one of the top hashtags before losing some online support (and provoking outrage) on Wednesday.

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Some on Twitter have been viciously attacking each other over the fighting between Israel and Gaza — and #IfHitlerWasAlive brought out some of the worst of those hate-filled responses.

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The trend also tapped into Holocaust-deniers. (Denying the Holocaust is now illegal in many European countries.)

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As the hashtag spread, many took to Twitter to denounce the trend and sentiment.

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Some pointed out that ideologically Hitler was also no fan of Arabs and Muslims (and Asians and Africans, and really anyone besides himself).

Isn't irony great? #ifhitlerwasalive 90% of the morons using this hashtag in support of Palestine wouldn't be. #fuckthisplanet

— nihalf (@nihalf)
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Hey, #PakistanSupportsGaza my pro-Israel t-shirt was made in #Pakistan Thanks for your support! #IfHitlerWasAlive

— Kenneth L. Cohen (@RabbiKenCohen)
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Then there were those who responded with their own degrading descriptions of Pakistanis to express their outrage.

Apparently the pakis had #IfHitlerWasAlive trending. I don't think that Hitler would be nice to them. They'd get gassed to death as well.

— Holier than tauhu (@seriousmockery)
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And those who took a step back to comment on the trend’s structural weaknesses:

Most infuriating thing re #IfHitlerWasAlive trend: improper grammar. Subjunctive mood would b #Ifhitlerwerealive @NTarnopolsky @leshemle

— Ilån Bεn Zıon (@IlanBenZion)
ID: 3405360

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