A Sandstorm Swept Through Egypt And Everything Turned Orange

The storm in the southern city of Aswan left two dead.

1. A sandstorm swept through Aswan, a city in Egypt’s south, on Wednesday afternoon, damaging property and killing two people, according to local media reports.

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2. Egyptian Yousrey Aref uploaded this video of nature’s onslaught to his public Facebook page.

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3. “I almost suffocated from the sand! Every thing turned into an orange light only and you can’t see any thing [outside] the windows,” Aref described in Arabic, the Egyptian Streets blog reported.

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4. Aswan is a popular tourist spot because of the area’s breathtaking ancient pharaonic temples and artifacts.

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5. Egypt’s recent drop in tourism has hit Aswan hard.

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6. In the 1960s, the Egyptian government controversially relocated some of Aswan’s local Nuba people to make room for the Aswan Dam.

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7. Since then, many in Aswan have accused the central government of ignoring local development beyond the tourism industry.

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8. The Aswan dust storm was part of a wave of erratic weather to hit Egypt this week, including floods in the Sinai peninsula and a heatwave in the capital Cairo.

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9. While dust storms are common across Egypt, residents on social media reported that they could not remember a storm of similar size in Aswan. As this Instagram caption captures: “This picture is not edited.”

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